Registration is available for all girls age 12 and upwards.

We take no obligatory supervision.

The Women & Girls Hackathon 2020 is a one-day event where women, girls and all those who identify themselves as such, with different levels of knowledge, come together to hack. The goal of the Hackathon is to create useful, creative or entertaining prototypes and projects, either as a team or alone – and for this not only female software developers are needed, but also female UI/UX designers, copywriters, hardware developers and many more. 

Prior knowledge plays only a small role. The main focus is on the joint implementation of an idea and finding like-minded people. As an experienced programmer, you can, for example, take an idea that has been lying dormant for too long and devote a day to your project with the support of other participants.

As a beginner, the Hackathon offers the perfect opportunity to develop in a team on a real project. Our team of experienced mentors will be available to you on site at any time and will assist you.

There are 4 tracks with different themes to choose from. Choose one of the 4 tracks. The mentors will support you in the best possible way, both in finding ideas and projects as well as in the implementation.

>_ Data Science

How does Google know if my picture shows a dog or a cat? How can a program even learn such behavior? We will show you what’s behind it in the Data Science Track.

You have your own idea for a Data Science project? Great! Our mentors can help you with the implementation and are always available for questions.

>_ IoT – Internet of Things

You like electronics? You have been wanting to develop your home automation or start with it for a long time?

Then the IOT Track is the right place for you! In this track we offer you a crash course in programming Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you can use this knowledge immediately to implement your own project idea! If you already have experience you are welcome to bring along complex projects and develop them further.

>_ Webseite

You always wanted to create your own website but don’t know where to start? In this track we will work in groups to create your own web projects, whether browser-based games or a portfolio website – everything is possible 🙂

>_ Free Track

You have a great idea but it doesn’t fit into any of the available tracks or maybe you even have a project you want to take up again? No problem, that’s what the free track is for! Come up with your own ideas, find others who can support you. Our mentors will support you in the best possible way!

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