It's a wrap - our first Hackathon 2023 in Vienna 💜

Our second hackathon, which took place on the 6th of May at the Dynatrace Lab in Vienna, was also a great success. At the hackathon we got together and worked on our own ideas in small groups. To help us get through the day, Dynatrace provided us with plenty of food and their modern office in Vienna's main station.

The resulting projects were once again impressive! In our podcast track, the participants created a podcast in just one day - from conception to recording to editing, everything happened in just 10 hours! 🎤

The Geo Guesser game randomly loads images near the player's geo position and the player has to choose the closest image. In another project, a web page was created with an animated fridge to help people avoid wasting food. In Code with me, a professional collaboration platform for coding projects was developed. In addition, a beautiful website for serious comics has been developed and an event finder app has been created to make it easier for people to find interesting events in their area. 🌍

Models have also been trained to improve weather forecasts, recognise star and planetary constellations from images and landmarks from videos for city recognition. In addition, an artificial intelligence has been trained to recognise emotions, and another to recognise the age and sex of people in pictures. 🚀

We are thrilled with the results and looking forward to the next hackathon! #keeponhacking


© by Cornelia Amon

Time to say THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to our wonderful participants - what great projects you created that day is wonderful! THANK YOU to Dynatrace for their hospitality, food and support with the organisation! THANK YOU to the very best mentors - you are the 💜 heart 💜 of the event, because without you no hackathon would be possible 🙂


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