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Astrid Lasinger

deputy chairlady & association secretary

Astrid, commonly known as Lasi, wrote her first lines of code at the age of 14 during her school years. Afterwards she deepened her knowledge and attended the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. In her work environment, she specialized in test automation.
When Lasi isn't spending her time in front of a computer screen, she also enjoys playing games offline, traveling in her VW bus, attending music festivals and concerts, puzzles and going to the sauna. After Lasi moved to Vienna, Female Coders has also been active in Vienna since 2023.

Irene Reisner

association member

Irene found her passion for coding while studying media technology and design. She did her PhD on 3D reconstruction at the Vienna University of Technology. Afterwards she worked as a software engineer on augmented and virtual reality and recently started her own company. Irene joined female coders, because she would love to have more female peers in the software industry. In her free time, she likes traveling, reading, gardening and spending time with her kids.

Karina Streng

association member

Karina has been working in IT for 13 years. She has a strong background in IT, psychology, pedagogics and economics. Karina worked as an engineer, consultant, and trainer before she became CEO of a web developer company and co-founder of an agency. Last year she founded FlyBird. She is a specialist in Java and databases and is familiar with various technologies. Supporting others is part of her life and supporting women holds a special place in her heart. She wants to give interested women a place to chat, learn and code and supports that with her knowledge and network.

Marta Moscati

association member

Marta studied Physics and although coding is needed there as well, she really got into programming in her free time with a couple of friends. Later on, after teaching Maths, Physics, and Informatics for one year, she decided to study Computer Science at JKU, which is what she's doing right now. When she's not coding, she's either jogging, reading, working out at the gym, or playing board games with friends.

Katrin Strasser

deputy chashier

By doing vocational testing, Katrin got the suggestion to choose a study in the field of IT. Following that, she did her – not always flawless – studies in Game Development at the University of Applied Sciences and in Bioinformatics at the JKU. Now she’s working as lead data scientist for various AI projects that include Natural Language Processing. Additionally, she wants to raise common awareness and understanding about bias in AI applications and can therefore often be met as speaker or attendee at relevant conferences, events or meetups. In her free time Katrin enjoys to go for walks (especially with a dog), balcony gardening (very proud of the first homegrown tomatoes and herbs), all kinds of games (computer, board and mobile) and to read about the latest developments in science and technology.

Magdalena Zuschrader


Magda’s profession is Data Science, but actually her background is in mobile app development. She joined female coders because she wants to break the ice for women to get started coding. She thinks that coding is for everyone. Her job is her passion but Magda also enjoys time off travelling, reading or playing volleyball.

Marlene Reithmayr

deputy association secretary

During her time at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Marlene explored her passion for Web Development. After her graduation she started to work as a front and back-end developer to learn, grow and evolve in this field. Her ‘Go To’ languages are PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and JavaScript. Moreover, her skills in editing photos with Photoshop and web designing add a very distinct flavor to her style of work. While she is not developing something fancy, she would be found hiking around the mountains and seeking pleasure in observing nature. Her seasonal routine is hiking in summer with friends and skiing around the snow season.

Pia Gerhofer


After she finished grammar school Pia ended up at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg more or less by accident. And it was a lucky accident as software engineering seemed to be a good fit for her. At work she usually does front- and backend development and is most knowledgable in Java, Scala and JavaScript. Pia is passionate about the environment, education and technology – therefore she can often be found at some of Linz’s meetups or at the local programming club for children – the CoderDojo. Other than that she enjoys climbing, attending music festivals, reading, traveling (preferably alone) and drinking good beer.

Rebecca Rottensteiner

association member

In 2012, Becca stumbled into frontend development. It was a stroke of luck, because it soon got clear that her heart finally found a home there. Since then, she has evolved in frontend and backend development and got fit in MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. In addition to her one-woman business, she founded a company in 2017 and since last year she is also on the road as a trainer in Coders.Bay. For relaxation, Becca likes to dive with the oxygen cylinder, preferably in the red sea. When she’s not diving, she’s passionate about developing new projects (not just on the Web), traveling, devouring thrillers, crime or sci-fi books, and drinking Gin Tonic with Hendriks Gin and Fever Tree.

Reem Hourieh

association member

Reem first learned basic web programming in school which fascinated her so much she decided to professionally study computer science. She graduated from Damascus University in 2010. Afterwards she worked as a network engineer in one of the main telecom providers in Syria till 2013 where she decided to move to Austria and pursue a Master’s degree in computer science at JKU. Since 2016, Reem has worked as a software engineer writing code in Javascript, Python and Java. Reem is a mom that has barely any free time but she likes cooking, cycling and traveling.

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