That was it!

The first female coders hackathon was a success!
On September 17, the GRAND.GARAGE in Linz opened its doors to us and invited us to a full day of learning, hacking and fun! 

The projects that were created are impressive - from an app that reminds us to water plants to a travel blog to an analysis of how the pandemic has affected our travel behavior. Along the way, we worked diligently on artwork in the welding workshop and soldered wheels of fortune in the soldering workshop - we are thrilled with the results and look forward to next year!

Time to say THANK YOU!

The hackathon would not have been possible without our wonderful mentors, so a big THANK YOU at this point!
A big thank you also to the Grand Garage for opening their doors to us and letting us host the hackathon in this great location.

Another THANK YOU goes to the CoderDojo Linz, our friendly club, who always support us energetically. 

And of course the hackathon is only possible thanks to our sponsors - so a big THANK YOU to Tractive and Fronius for supporting us with this hackathon.



At the Hackathon, we all get together and work on our own ideas in small groups. However, if you don't have any ideas, that doesn't mean you can't participate - you might find a local team you want to join or work on a project we suggest! 

We will prepare small projects in different areas to get you started and show you what can be done in one day!

1. Artificial Intelligence

How does Google know if my picture shows a dog or a cat? How can a program even learn such behaviour? We will show you what’s behind it in the Data Science Track.

You have your own idea for a Data Science project? Great! Our mentors can help you with the implementation and are always available for questions.

2. Web

You always wanted to create your own website but don’t know where to start? In this track we will work in groups to create your own web projects, whether browser-based games or a portfolio website – everything is possible

3. Welding & Soldering - powered by Fronius

It's getting hot in here 🔥! The GRAND GARAGE not only opens its doors, but also the door to the metal garage for us! Tatjana Schinko will show you how gas-shielded welding works! Together with her you will weld a small sculpture that you can take home. This track is made possible by Fronius, who not only equip the GRAND GARAGE but also cover the costs for our welding workshop!

In the afternoon, you'll have a chance to improve your craft skills while soldering one of our pre-made soldering kits!
You don't need any previous experience here, the entire track is designed to allow everyone to quickly and easily get a taste of these areas.

4. Free Track

You have a great idea but it doesn’t fit into any of the available tracks or maybe you even have a project you want to take up again? No problem, that’s what the free track is for! Come up with your own ideas, find others who can support you. Our mentors will support you in the best possible way!


  • Doors open


  • Welcome


  • Start: Track Choice & Team building


  • Hacking


  • Lunch buffet


  • Hacking continued


  • Presentation of projects


  • Dinner & After party


Frequently Asked Questions


I'm not a programmer (yet). Can I still come?

Of course! The Hackathon is designed to support newcomers with their first programming projects but also to give experienced female programmers the chance to work on projects in a focused way for one day. We want to invite women from different backgrounds and disciplines, as a hackathon requires a wide range of skills - from software development to copywriting to UI/UX design.

In three of our four tracks, we will provide tutorials that explain the first steps in the topic and allow you to implement your own ideas. Our mentors will be there to support you throughout the day. Just bring good mood, motivation to learn new things and joy!

I have never participated in a hackathon before. Can I still participate?

Of course! There is a first time for everything. smile

Is this a womens only event?

Yes, we invite all women and girls from 15 years old to participate. We focus on promoting female talent in the tech scene which is why this hackathon was planned as a safe place for women and girls to explore the tech industry.

PS.: Of course, trans women are women and very welcome. 

How much does it cost to attend?

Thanks to our generous partners and sponsors, this hackathon is absolutely free for participants. The infrastructure and catering to get well through the day will be provided by us.
However, since there are only limited places, we ask you to register reliably online.

What do I have to bring?
Please bring your laptop and charging devices. If you don't have a suitable laptop, you are welcome to borrow one - just let us know when you register and we will prepare a loaner for you.

Bring a lot of motivation, joy and enthusiasm! smile

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are women who work around and in IT – among others as Java or Web developers or Data Scientists. They will always be there during the event. You will also have the opportunity to chat or ask questions with them during lunch or coffee.

Do I have to come as a team?

You can come to the hackathon alone or in a team. However, we ask you to register individually so that we have a good overview of the number of participants.

If you don't have a team yet, that's no problem at all! We will find groups at the beginning of the day of the hackathon.



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