Female Coders Workshop Day

Our third female coders workshop day was a success but is already over! You can read up on which topics we covered this time, so you know what you can expect on our next workshop day!

At the Female Coders Workshop Day, you can immerse yourself in the world of programming, try out new programming languages, and exchange ideas with like-minded people. The Female Coders mentors have prepared exciting workshops for you in various areas: web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, two different Python workshops, and a game development workshop in Unity. The event is free and takes place online.

Our focus is to connect women* with technology and prepare them to take their next steps in IT. At the Female Coders Workshop Day, our mentors will support you and answer any questions you may have.

* Women = all people who (partially) identify as women.


Track 1 - Let yourself be cheered up by a cat picture 🐱 when you are sad ()

In this Python workshop, we will use a Javascript face recognition libraryto get our computer/laptop to understand our facial expressions and whenever it figures out we are sad, it will send us a cat picture on our phone to cheer us up.
We will learn:

  • how to use a pre-trained machine learning model
  • how to tweak its results according to what we need
  • how to use image APIs (like The Cat API) to get images on demand & finally
  • how to send push notifications to our phones using Pushover .

with Rigerta

Track 2 - Solve the daily Worlde with Python (🇩🇪)

with Katrin

In this Python Workshop we will write a little program, that can help us solve the daily Wordle ! We will use Google Colab, therefore you won't have to install anything but just use your Browser and a Google Account.
We will learn:

  • how to decide which word might be a good starting word for solving the worlde
  •  some insights into the Python language

Track 3 – Spiele Entwicklung mit Unity – half-day ()

In this workshop you'll learn to use the game engine Unity . Unity is one of the most used game engines, especially by indie developers and mobile games.
We create a very simple 3D racing game, where the user has to avoid obstacles. By the end of the workshop you are familiar with the Unity editor and workflow, and you know how to use C#-scripts for simple programming.
There is no need to have any prior knowledge in programming. You'll have to install Unity before the workshop - we'll send you the instructions in time.

This workshop ends at 12:00

with Irene

Track 4 - Build your own personal website with HTML, CSS, and JS ()

with Pia

In this session, we will create our own website with HTML and CSS and host it on GitHub to make it available on the internet. We will learn how to include images and give our website a certain something by using CSS.

We will use Visual Studio Code as our editor. If you can not install it you can use an online editor like Stackblitz. In order to host your website, you will be required to create an account on GitHub.
Um deine Website zu hosten, ist es notwendig ein Konto auf GitHub einrichten.

All workshops are free to choose from and cannot be combined with others

The number of participants in the workshops is limited, so we recommend you register soon.



  • Ready, Set, Go!

    09:00 Welcome and get to know each other 

  • Code!

    09:30 Workshop start 

  • Online Lunch

    12:00 Lunch and AMA (Ask me anything) with our mentors     

  • Code more!

    13:00 Continue with workshops



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a programmer (yet). Can I still come?
Of course! The Female Coders Workshop Day is designed to support both novice programmers and give experienced female coders a chance to try something new. Our mentors will be at your side the whole day. Just bring good mood, motivation to learn new things and joy!
Is this a womens only event?
Yes, we invite all women, or those who identify as such, to participate. We are focused on showcasing and promoting female talent in the tech scene which is why this event was planned as a safe space for women to explore the tech industry.
How much does it cost to attend?
The Female Coders Workshop Day is free of charge. If you still want to support us, you can leave a voluntary donation on our account:

Female Coders
IBAN: AT94 2011 1841 5904 3800

The money is used to cover costs of the association.

What do I have to bring?
The Female Coders Workshop Day takes place online, so all you need is your laptop with Zoom installed. If you need other programs for a workshop, we will let you know in time.

Bring a lot of motivation, joy and enthusiasm! smile

Who are the mentors?
Our mentors are women who work around and in IT – among others as Java or Web developers or Data Scientists. They will always be there during the event. You will also have the opportunity to chat or ask questions with them during lunch or coffee.

You can find our mentors here: https://female-coders.at/de/mentorinnen/

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