Our first in-person session this year will be held at the **Wissensturm Linz** and is sponsored by **world4you**! But don’t worry if you are not based in Linz or not comfortable meeting yet – we will enable you to join **remotely via Zoom** as well 🙂

In the guided session we will take a look at game development with p5js to get to know some basic concepts. We will start with a starter project, that provides some existing code and explore:
* creating a scrolling background
* animating figures
* collision detection
* game loops and frame rates

Even though we will have a lot of code, the session is aimed to be beginner friendly. We will work with existing code and write some parts in JavaScript ourselves.

For personal participation, you don’t have to follow the guided session and are welcome to work on any of our tutorials or your own project.

About our study groups: You can join our study groups if you are a woman, or identify as one, who would like to get into programming! Learn programming with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/Java etc in a relaxed setting with other women. The study groups are free and no prior knowledge is required – you can also join only some courses and skip others – everybody will work at her own pace.


April 6


06:30 pm - 09:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/Female-Coders-Linz/events/284660353

Female Coders Linz

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Wissensturm - community college and public library Linz

Kärntnerstraße 26

Linz, In, AT, 4020