Save the date!

On Saturday, 23rd of April we will offer our third remote workshop day. Another full day of fun programming workshops online!
**Registration is required via [the google form](**

We will offer multiple sessions that are all beginner-friendly:

**1. Let yourself be cheered up by a cat picture when you are sad [EN]**

In this Python workshop, we will use a Javascript [face recognition library]( to get our computer/laptop to understand our facial expressions and whenever it figures out we are sad, it will send us a cat picture on our phone to cheer us up.
We will learn:

* how to use a pre-trained machine learning model,
* how to tweak its results according to what we need,
* how to use image APIs (like [The Cat API]( to get images on demand & finally,
* how to send push notifications to our phones using [Pushover]( 🐱

**2. Löse das tägliche Wordle mit Python [DE]**

In diesem Python Workshop schreiben wir ein kleines Programm, welches uns dabei hilft das tägliche Wordle zu lösen! Dabei verwenden wir Google Colab, du brauchst für den Workshop also nur einen Browser und einen Google Account.
Dabei lernen wir:
* wie wir gut entscheiden können, welches Wort ein gutes Startwort für das Worlde Rätsel ist
* einige Grundfunktionen von Python kennen

**3. First steps in Game development with Unity [EN]**

In this workshop, you’ll learn to use the game engine [Unity]( Unity is one of the most used game engines, especially by indie developers and mobile games.

We will create a simple 3D racing game, where the player has to avoid obstacles. By the end of the workshop, you are familiar with the Unity editor and workflow, and you know how to use C#-scripts for simple programming.
You’ll have to install Unity before the workshop, we’ll send you the instructions for that in advance.

**4. Build your own personal website with HTML, CSS, and JS [EN]**

In this session, we will create our own website with HTML and CSS and host it on GitHub to make it available on the internet. We will learn how to include images and give our website a certain something by using CSS.
We will use Visual Studio Code as our editor. If you can not install it you can use an online editor like Stackblitz.
In order to host your website, you will be required to create an account on GitHub.



09:00 a.m. A warm welcome with our mentors

09:30 Code!

12:00 Online Lunch
Have lunch and an AMA (Ask me anything) session with our mentors

13:00 Code more!
Continue with Tracks

15:30 Finish


April 23


09:00 am - 03:30 pm

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